Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex (ARSI) is the unregistered non-governmental organization founded by the team of intersex and non-intersex people in 2013 with a mission to improve the situation of intersex in Russia and the post-Soviet countries. We raise awareness about intersex people, promote the full implementation of their rights and provide information, psychological, legal and other types of support on intersex issues.


  • Artem, intersex, co-director, lawyer (LLB), PR specialist (MA)

  • Alli, intersex, co-director, linguist (BA), journalist (MA), sociologist.

  • Ilia, ally, co-director, lawyer (LLM)

  • Nike Neyman, intersex, coordinator in Kazakhstan

  • Olga, intersex woman, peer consultant for intersex people

  • Alfia, mother of intersex child, consultant for parents of intersex children.

  • Ekaterina, ally, psychologist (Ph.D.)


  • Alexander Beryozkin, intersex, founder of organization.

  • Alexander P., ally, cultural and gender studies (Ph.D.), philologist (Ph.D.)

  • Julia J., ally, lawyer

  • Alexandra L., ally, psychologist, biologist

  • Anna G., ally, biologist

  • Gulnara K., ally, biologist (Ph.D.)

  • Anna S., ally, translator.

  • Julia H., ally, editor, proofreader.

  • Danila G., ally, a psychologist.

    ARSI is open to new participants: intersex and non-intersex people, if they agree with the mission and goals of ARSI, and if they agree with the principles of rules and functioning of ARSI.


  • Raising awareness of intersex issues and human rights of intersex people in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

  • Providing legal, psychological, medical and other intersex advice to people, their parents and other close people.

  • Organization of events (trainings, conferences, seminars) on work and interaction with intersex people for specialized specialists (psychologists, social workers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists, etc.).

  • Development and support of the correct language for self-determination of intersex people. 

  • Promotion of the human rights of intersex people, including the right to bodily autonomy on the basis of full, free, informed consent

  • Documentation and monitoring of human rights violations of intersex people